We cordially invite you to

​The Wedding of Vera & Linus

​The couple requests guests congregate at the the Salem Art Works Visitor's Center

There is a man and a woman who live a devious life, which is, of course, always beautiful, as such things are. They live in the forest of a dream, untethered from time, passionately yet dangerously entwined. As we return to the source of our inspiration at Salem Art Works, the original Vera & Linus performers present a new and  evolved theatrical work.

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FINAL Performance:

SUN, Sept 28, 2014

Salem Art Works
19 Cary Lane Salem, NY 12865


Eamon Fahey as Linus
Albert Anderson as Linus
Eusebio Arenas as Linus
Louisa Debutts as Vera
Special thanks to Kym ​Bernazky and ​Shelli Jean Grant.
This work is dedicated to the memory of Terayama Shuji and Tenjo Sajiki.